Summer Library Program

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Madscientist  The Children's Summer Library Program is for preschool and school age children. The program is developed to offer constructive incentives for the children to visit the library and to read.

The emphasis on reading is for the pure joy of reading and not for worrying about reading grade levels and book reports. By offering the summer program in the public libraries, the children will have available to them a wide range of materials. We may never form an avid reader from among all the children but they will possess a degree of library literacy and the importance of libraries in their communities for the rest of their lives.  Girlandcloud


The philosophy of the System is to develop a fun, informative, non-competitive theme related summer library program. The reluctant, or poor reader will consider a competitive program as an overwhelming hurdle and won't even come into the library to sign up for the program.

CKLS offers Incentive Grants for conducting story time sessions.   Wholegroup

Collaborative Summer Library Program
Rules of use


 Summer Library Program Evaluation

    Upcoming and Past Summer Library Program Themes

    • 2014 - Fizz Boom Read
    • 2013 - Dig Into Reading
    • 2012 - Dream Big - Read!
    • 2011 - One World, Many Stories
    • 2010 - Make a Splash-Read!
    • 2009 - Be Creative @ Your Library
    • 2008 - Catch the Reading Bug (Harry Bliss, artist)
    • 2007 - Get a Clue @ Your Library (Mark Teague, artist)
    • 2006 - Paws, Claws, Scales, and Tales (David Shannon, artist)
    • 2005 - Dragons, Dreams, and Daring Deeds (Steven Kellogg, artist)
    • 2004 - Discover New Trails @ Your Library (Mark Bruehner, artist)
    • 2003 - Laugh It Up @ Your Library! (Nadine Barnard Westcott, artist)
    • 2002 - Join the Winners Circle - READ (Winky Adams, artist)
    • 2001 - Reading Road Trip (Highsmith)
    • 2000 - The Edge Of Adventure (David Wiesner, artist)
    • 1999 - Treasure Your Library (Highsmith)
    • 1998 - Be A Kansas Star- Read! (performing arts/space) (Diane Dollar, artist)
    • 1997 - 97 Bazillion Ways to Read (Patrick Schlotterback, artist)
    • 1996 - Kansas Kids Read! (Ken Raney, artist)
    • 1995 - Arts on Parade (Brad Sneed, artist)
    • 1994 - A Whale of a Tale (tall tales/ocean)
    • 1993 - Protect Our Earth: Read, Recycle, Respect (environmental)
    • 1992 - Read: Discover in 1992 (multicultural)
    • 1991 - Feed Your Mind--READ! (food)
    • 1990 - Affection Connection: Our Animal Friends
    • 1989 - Where the Rainbow Ends (Wizard of Oz)
    • 1988 - Dinosaur Daze
    • 1987 - Fantastic Fantasy Machine (time travel)
    • 1986 - Super Summer Adventures (travel)
    • 1985 - Sun Spots (summer activities)
    • 1984 - Snooper 'n Sleuth (mystery)
    • 1983 - Dial H for Hero
    • 1982 - The Old West
    • 1981 - Magic Castle
    • 1980 - The World is Yours at the Library (multicultural)
    • 1979 - Sea Treasure
    • 1978 - Out of This World (space travel)
    • 1977 - Dinosaur Summer

    Youth Services Program Planning

    Youth Services offers a centralized collection of resources for developing good quality children's library programming. These resources are only available to CKLS member libraries.

    The resources listed below are well organized and indexed for easy accessibility in the Youth Services Program Planning Resources Guide notebook. For more information contact the Youth Services Department.

    When requesting materials, the request forms (pdf format) are to be sent to the Youth Services Department.

    Librarian's Project Resources

    Educational resources printed in book and periodical format. These resources are to be used for planning children's and young adult programs are only available to CKLS member libraries.

    • Bulletin Boards/Displays
    • Classroom Parties
    • Crafts
    • Early Childhood Activities
    • Fingerplays/Songs/Poems
    • Folk Tales/Fairy Tales
    • Nursery Rhymes/Mother Goose/Poems
    • Stories
    • Games/Puzzles/Magic
    • Patterns
    • Puppets/Plays/Skits
    • Seasonal
    • Holiday
    • Special Topics

    Storytelling Materials

    Resources to dramatize stories for storytime and after school programs. These resources are only available to CKLS member libraries.

    • Object Stories
    • Flannelboard Stories/Shapes
    • Flannelboard Supplemental Materials
    • Flip Cards
    • Roll Stories
    • Plays
    • Storytelling Costumes/Props
    • Oversized Books

    Puppet Resources

    A collection of hand puppets, finger puppets, full size puppets, stuffed toys, and face masks on sticks. These resources are only available to CKLS member libraries.

    • Hand Puppet, Plush
    • Hand Puppets, Felt/Fabric
    • Hand Puppet, Sesame Street
    • Stuffed Puppet
    • Stuffed Toy
    • Show Me/Tell Me Dolls
    • Finger Puppet
    • Hand Puppet, Large Plush
    • Fairy/Folk Tale Sets
    • Holiday/Seasonal Sets
    • People/Family
    • Felt/Mask/Paper/Stick
    • Summer Library Program Sets

    Video/DVD Resources

    These resources have public performance rights, unless noted. These resources are only available to CKLS member libraries.

    Early Childhood: Counting, learning the alphabet and understanding words and their definitions are among important concepts explored in these stories.

    Fairytales/Folktales/Heroes/Legends: Fairytales and folktales have been told for generations and retain their relevance today with humorous and astute insights into human nature.

    Holidays: These videos and dvd's about holidays will enhance children's enjoyment and understanding of special times of the year.

    Seasons: These videos and dvd's about seasons will enhance children's enjoyment and understanding of special times of the year. In several the seasonal setting is influential in shaping the story's theme.

    Storytime: Storytime videos and dvd's are stories that will entertain and delight children, as well as adults. Many of these are old favorites.

    Theme Libraries: Theme Libraries are a series of videos and dvd's on these specific topics.

    • Animals
    • The Arts
    • Circus
    • Death/Separation
    • Dinosaurs
    • Environment/Ecology
    • Health/Safety
    • Intergenerational
    • Multicultural
    • Recycling
    • Social Issues
    • Space/Flight
    • The Wizard of Oz

    DVD Collections

    These collections have public performance rights, unless noted, and are only available to CKLS member libraries. 

    • Author/Illustrator
    • Fairytales/Folktales/Heroes/Legends
    • Holiday
    • Season
    • Storytime

    Miscellaneous Resources

    Includes display materials, games and craft supplies. These resources are only available to CKLS member libraries. 

    • Bulletin Boards/Posters
    • Creative Corners for Bulletin Boards
    • Display Materials/Mobiles
    • Games
    • Supplies

    Special Collections

    A collection of specialized storybooks that can be used for library programming. These resources are only available to CKLS member libraries. 

    • American Folk Tales
    • Arts
    • Birthday
    • Death and Dying
    • Dinosaurs
    • Fables/Fairytales/Folklore/Legends
    • Fables/Fairytales/Folklore/Legends Collection
    • Family
    • History/Travel
    • Mother Goose/Nursery Rhymes
    • Native American
    • Ocean/Sea
    • Poetry
    • Seasonal/Holiday
    • Storytime
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