Core Tech Skills for Librarians:

Online Computer Tutorials: Building Tech Confident Staff

Sustaining Public Access Computing: Technology and Management Competencies

Computer Maintenance:

A Clean Computer is a Happy Computer

Helpful Sites for Basic Computer Cleanup and Maintenance


Intro to Computers:


Introduction to Computers

Internet Manual

Internet Manual pt 2



Kids Games:

Safe Kids Games for Patron Computers

Safe Downloading:

B:/ Software Smart Presentation


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Download this file (Introduction to Computers.pdf)Introduction to Computers.pdf[Computer Basics by Jennifer King, GBPL]652 kB
Download this file (Introduction to Internet Manual.pdf)Introduction to Internet Manual.pdf[Introduction to Internet Manual by Jennifer King, GBPL]202 kB
Download this file (Introduction to Internet, pt. 2.pdf)Introduction to Internet, pt. 2.pdf[Introduction to Internet Manual pt 2 by Jennifer King, GBPL]166 kB


Koha Offline Circulation Tutorial

Tutorial Video: Koha Offline Circulation Tool

Koha Offline Circulation Tutorial (pdf)



Tutorial Annotated PDF version (When the tab to screencast opens, click on the Download This Media option at the top of the screen.)

Download the Koha Offline Circulation Module. You can find a link on on the Pathfinder Tips and Tricks page. (There is a shortcut on the right column of the home page.)

Once the module is downloaded, follow the installation wizard’s instructions.

You will only need to download and install the module once.

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B:/Software Smart: Safe Downloading Guide


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