Library Evaluations

The Central Kansas Library System offers Library Evaluations to our member libraries.

Before conducting the evaluation, the CKLS Administrator and Consultants visit with the librarian and board to find out their goals for the library and to ascertain the role the library plays in the community. As much as is possible, the evaluation is prepared with these end goals in possible. The Administrator and Consultants visit the library and conduct a thorough in-person evaluation. This is done during library closed hours so as not to disrupt library business. Chris Rippel compiles the evaluations into a single report. CKLS Consultants are available to present the report to library board, when requested and explain how it can be used. For example, CKLS libraries have used the library evaluation to help prepare action steps, determine priorities in building upgrades, collection development, and to leverage funding, where appropriate.

Below you will find links to two complete reports for real small to medium-sized libraries. These complete reports have been “sanitized” and names and locations have been removed. This gives you a good idea of what the final document can look like.

You will also find links to all the blank evaluation forms CKLS uses. The blank forms are provided as MS Word documents so you may edit them as needed.

Finally, you will find a link to the Spreadsheets for Librarians. Chris Rippel created these spreadsheets to help librarians collect statistical data in an easy, organized way, but he also uses them to help prepare reports for the library evaluations.

Library # 1
Library #2
Evaluation Forms