2017 Year at a Glance Calendar

BLACK – Internal Library Activities
BLUE – Related to CKLS and State Library
RED – CKLS training events
ORANGE –Conferences
PURPLE – APPLE training for New Library Directors (by invitation only)

Gather Year-end Stats for Annual Reports
2016 Public Library Online Survey (State Annual report, due Jan 1 – Feb 10, 2017)
State Grant in Aid
State Statistical Report
2016 Inter Library Loan Stats
Jan 20-24 ALA Mid-Winter, Atlanta
Jan 26 Library Legislative Day (Topeka)

Start Summer Library Program Planning
2016 Public Library Survey (State Annual report, due Jan 1 – Feb 10, 2017)
State Grant in Aid
State Statistical
2016 ILL Stats
CKLS System Grant Online Questionnaire Due (Feb 3-16, 2017)
First Ad Valorem tax distribution (library money from city) (on or before the 20th)
State Aid $$$ Direct Deposit
Feb 7 LibraryAware workshop for school libraries, CKLS
Feb 21 Pathfinder 1st Qtr Meeting, Hays
Feb 21 Technology Workshop (follows the Pathfinder 1st Qtr Meeting, Hays)
Feb 24 Big Talk from Small Libraries Watch Parties http://tinyurl.com/ho4hggt
CKLS, Dane G Hanson Computer Lab and Beloit, Port Library

Start Summer Reading booking
Mar 2 Summer Library Program Workshop, CKLS
Start next year’s budget process
Mar 5-11 Teen Tech Week
Second Tax Distribution (on or before the 20th)
First CKLS Grant Distribution
Mar 30 Library Bus Tour (Topeka Shawnee County Library, Manhattan Public Library, Dorothy Bramlage Public Library, Junction City)

April is School Library Month
Approve Budget with estimated valuations (timing depends on needs of city or township. Districts can wait until July.)
Apr 6 Summer Library Program Idea Swap
Apr 9-15 National Library Week
Apr 11 National Library Workers Day
Apr 11-12 APPLE Kick Off, Rock Springs (by invitation only)
Apr 26 Library PLAY- Practical Library Application and learning for You: Library Finances

Complete preparations for Summer Library Program and begin advertising
Make school visits to promote Summer Library Program
May 3 APPLE, Budgeting (webinar)
23-24 Spring Forward, (Camp Webster, Salina): How-to Conference
Pathfinder 2nd Qtr Meeting
Technology Workshops
CKLS Executive Committee

Summer Library Program
Jun 7 APPLE, Technology (webinar)
June 13 Trustee Training– Evening Supper, Clyde (The French Quarter, catered)
Jun 22 Library PLAY- Practical Library Application and learning for You: Collection Management (CKLS)
Third Tax Distribution (on or before the 5th)
Second CKLS Grant Distribution
22-27 American Library Association (Chicago)

Summer Library Program continues
JULY 5 APPLE, Facilities Management (webinar)
July 22 Trustee Training– Saturday brunch, Logan
July 27 Technology Workshop, Email 2.0: Signatures, filters, cleanup, and Printers 2.0 (CKLS)
Review Y-T-D Income received and budget spend

Recover from Sumer Library Program, file online evaluation
AUG 2 APPLE, Library Law (webinar)
Aug 16 System Meeting and Technology Day (CKLS Headquarters)
Pathfinder 3rd Qtr Meeting

Sep 6 APPLE, Board Relations (webinar)
Sep 7-9 Association for Rural and Small Libraries Conference, St George Utah (the very best conference for small and rural libraries!)
Sept 12 Youth Services Fall Workshop, CKLS
Sept 19 Trustee Training– Evening Supper, Claflin
Fourth Tax Distribution (on or before the 20th)
Third CKLS Grant Distribution
Sep 28 Library PLAY- Practical Library Application and learning for You: Customer Service (CKLS)
Order 2018 Summer Library Program print materials

Receive Summer Library Program 2018 Manual. Start planning.
APPLE, @Kansas Library Association (KLA) Conference
Oct 14 Trustee Training– Saturday brunch, Glen Elder
Oct 19 Technology Workshop, Learn to Build a Library Website with WordPress (CKLS)
24-27 Kansas Library Association Conference (Hyatt, Wichita)
Mountain Plains Library Association Conference (Nevada)
Fifth Tax Distribution – (on or before the 31st)

Kansas Reads to Preschoolers Month
NOV 1 APPLE, Collection Development (webinar)
Nov 7 Pathfinder 4th Qtr Meeting (Salina)
Nov 7 Technology Workshop (follows Pathfinder 4th Qtr Meeting, Salina)
Nov 17 Library PLAY- Practical Library Application and learning for You: Programming (CKLS)

Fourth CKLS Grant Distribution
Begin year-end estimates for cash flow and carryover

Gather Year-end Stats for January Reporting
Year End Estimates
DEC 6 APPLE, Library Planning (webinar)
Sixth tax distribution (not all libraries receive this)
Final Approval of 2016 Budget (can be sooner)
Capital Improvement Fund Transfer (can be anytime during the year)