Staff Directory

Personnel Position Department Extension
Diane Bott Assistant Youth Services Ext. 135
Connie Bobbitt Assistant Business Office Ext. 101
Patty Collins Youth Services Consultant Youth Services Ext. 134
Missy Esfeld Bookkeeper Technical Services Ext. 132
Crystal Hutchinson Department Head Pathfinder Central Co-Manager Resource Sharing and Access:
Interlibrary Loan
Technical Services
Ext. 148
Steve Kummer Administrative Manager Business Office Ext. 104
Peggy Manning Secretarial Assistant to Consultants Business Office Ext. 143
Amy Mayhill Reader’s Advisor Books by Mail Ext. 117
Andy Mitchener Assistant IT Ext. 137
Renee´ Pike Assistant Technical Services Ext. 133
Holly Regan Assistant Interlibrary Loan Ext. 147
Cathy Rhan Department Head Talking Books Ext. 144
Ron Sanders Book Truck Driver Rotating Books Ext. 136
Gail Santy Department Head
Pathfinder Central Co-Manager
Continuing Education Ext. 107
Maribeth Shafer Department Head
Pathfinder Central Co-Manager
IT Ext. 140
Loretta Schroeder Bookkeeper Business Office Ext. 102
Margie Sheppard Department Head
Pathfinder Central Co-Manager
Outreach Services: Reference
Rotating Books
Books by Mail
Ext. 13
Christie Snyder Department Head School Libraries School Libraries Ext. 118
Harry Willems Administrator Administration Ext. 111
Loretta Zorn Clerk Talking Books Ext. 142