Testimonials are outcomes-based evidence, which can be statistical or anecdotal statements that demonstrate the value of the Summer Library Program to specific children, to schoolwork, or to the benefit of the local community. A testimonial is not a list of the activities or library events during Summer Library Program and is not provided by the librarian.

Examples of actual testimonials:

"The summer reading program is a great asset to our community. It allows the children to continue reading in the summer and provides them with a fun and creative way to learn the importance of reading. My two daughters were always excited to go to the program and were eager to tell me about what they learned when they got home. The staff always provided creative and fun games, crafts and activities for them to do. This program is a great asset to the education of my children." - Parent

"I definitely feel like the Summer Library Program enhanced my son's love for learning and reading. He always had fun and looked forward to going." -Parent

"My oldest son loved coming to Summer Library Program. He loved being able to read anything he wanted and not being told he had to read a certain book or take a test about what he read. The program helps him keep his love for reading." -Parent

"The summer program is a wonderful opportunity to have available in our small community. This program in conjunction with the library encourages parent/child reading together and children reading independently. My children enjoued the summer program and the library. They learned a lot and it encouraged them to read and instills in them a love for books." - Parent

"This is an excellent summer reading program. The activities were superb! The books were of high quality." -Retired educator


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