Rotating Procedures update October 2011:

  • Do not check in the books before the truck arrives at your library!  The driver will do this for you while you are pulling books off the truck. 
  •  No limits on specific genres, and formats!  The cookie jar is open.  If your patrons need more inspirational or audio or whatever, pull more.  We do ask you try and keep the number of books you select to one cart (about 300 books).  You may hear from librarians who rotate after you if you take all of something...
  •  No limit on new books!  We no longer have a cart just for new books.  There was a surplus of brand new books back at CKLS because there was no room on the new book cart on the truck.  All new books are now shelved with the rest of the books and again, pull what your patrons need.
  • No separate large print shelves.  Large print books are easily identified by the "Large Print" wording on the spine.  Shelving large print with regular print speeds up the re-shelving process for the driver and gets him to the next library on time.

And a friendly reminder: The truck stops at each library for 90 minutes.  You have 60 minutes to select books.  This gives the driver time to re-shelve books, lock down carts and other equipment, and make it to the next library on time.

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