PILL Damaged or Lost Items (By a Patron) Reimbursement Procedure



When a patron returns a PILL item that has been damaged, or the item is long overdue or lost, Borrowing Library waits 2 months from the final due date for patron to return items, or pay replacement costs. Costs are determined by Lending Library’s policy. After 2 months, Borrowing Library pays the Lending Library for replacement of item. If lost item is returned, consult with Lending Library for reimbursement options.

Best Practices:

Lost Items:

  • Items that the patron has lost or are long overdue. Lending library (DO NOT CHECK IN). Mark record as PILL Lost or Damaged.
  • Items that are lost in transit (either via courier or mail) will need to be replaced using funds from the ILL Materials Replacement Fund. You can find the procedure on the Southeast Kansas Library System’s Website
Borrowing Library:
  • Count CDs, Tapes, DVDs, and other media components when returning such items. Recover lost discs, etc as necessary before returning to Lending Library.
  • Long Overdue/Lost Items:
  • Run a PILL Overdue Report to track overdue PILL items your library patrons have borrowed.
  • Send notices to patrons before the 2 month period is up.
  • Returned Damaged Items:
  • Borrowing Library—DO NOT CHECK ITEM IN.
  • Fill out Damaged Item Form and attach it to item.
  • Return Item to lending library to determine cost of repair/replacement. (Please date and initial form)
  • Once lending library has determined the cost, add the fee amount to patron’s account.
  • In the notes field, give detailed information about why the fee was given.
Lending Library:
  • Before lending an item, note previous damage on inside cover of the item or in the notes field of the item record.
  • Returned Damaged Items:
  • Mark item record as PILL Lost or Damaged.
  • Determine cost of repair/replacement according to lending library’s existing policy.
  • Inform borrowing library the cost.
  • Borrowing library will add the fee to the patron’s account.