Rotating Procedures update October 2011:

  • Do not check in the books before the truck arrives at your library!  The driver will do this for you while you are pulling books off the truck. 
  •  No limits on specific genres, and formats!  The cookie jar is open.  If your patrons need more inspirational or audio or whatever, pull more.  We do ask you try and keep the number of books you select to one cart (about 300 books).  You may hear from librarians who rotate after you if you take all of something...
  •  No limit on new books!  We no longer have a cart just for new books.  There was a surplus of brand new books back at CKLS because there was no room on the new book cart on the truck.  All new books are now shelved with the rest of the books and again, pull what your patrons need.
  • No separate large print shelves.  Large print books are easily identified by the "Large Print" wording on the spine.  Shelving large print with regular print speeds up the re-shelving process for the driver and gets him to the next library on time.

And a friendly reminder: The truck stops at each library for 90 minutes.  You have 60 minutes to select books.  This gives the driver time to re-shelve books, lock down carts and other equipment, and make it to the next library on time.

Rural residents in Central Kansas without a library in their taxing district have several options for library services.

  • Residents can use public libraries in nearby towns because some public library funding for these libraries comes from the Central Kansas Library System. The Central Kansas Library System is funded from a mill levy of rural property in 16 counties of the CKLS region. Residents of Pawnee County do not pay a mill levy to CKLS.
  • Central Kansas Library System provides two direct services residents living outside towns with libraries. People living inside towns with local libraries are not elegible for these two services.
  • The Kansas Library Card provides easy access to online resources. Any Kansas public, school or college library can issue a Kansas Library Card. Kansans who live in the CKLS region, but not in a town with a library, can obtain cards from the Resource Sharing and Access Department at 800-362-2642.
  • Sunflower eLibrary (To use Sunflower eLibrary you must obtain a library card from your local library or from CKLS)
  • eBooks and Downloadable Audiobooks
  • Ask a Librarian
  • Large Print Lending Collection is also available for those who qualify.
Gail headGail Santy, Department Head
Ext: 107
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ronRon Sanders, Driver
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The CKLS Rotating Truck visits member libraries six times a year. The Rotating Collection contains more than 13,000 popular adult and children's books, audio books, and video games for libraries to lend to their patrons.

CKLS Rotating Books Service:

  • Encourages and welcomes suggestions from librarians and readers for additions to the collection.
  • Supplements local collections for System libraries.

The Rotating Books Service provides current and popular reading to patrons by extending and supplementing the permanent collection of the libraries.

The librarian of the local library selects the books from the rotating van on each rotation. In an effort to keep the books rotating through the system, libraries are encouraged to exchange all the books on each visit.

Rotating Procedures:

Pathfinder Central Library Rotating Book Procedures

Non-Pathfinder Central Library Rotating Book Procedures


Information about the CKLS Rotating Truck:

Basic Specifications
Exterior width: 96”
Overall length: 25’
Overall Height: Approximately 11’ including rooftop air conditioner
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 14, 050 lbs.

Body Specifications
Chassis: Ford E450 Super Duty Commercial Cutaway
Fuel Tank: 55-gallon capacity
17’ Cutaway Aluminum Body, includes 36” cab-over attic

Upfitting Specifications
Propane gas heat with 35 lb. capacity tank
Chassis driven A/C roof mounted in rear cargo area
Cabinetry is poplar core, 5-ply birch wood with Formica countertops.
12VCD/120VAC to meet operational load requirements

Power source
Vehicle alternator, 4, 6-volt deep cycle batteries, shoreline for charging
Solar Panel System: 4 AM-100-30DR solar panel system all roof mounted and wired to deliver charging current to auxiliary battery band.

Chassis—3 years/36,000 miles
Body– 2 years limited warranty

Background Photo by John D. Morrison,

Gail headGail Santy, Department Head
Ext: 107
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Amy Mayhill, Reader's Advisor
Ext. 117
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"Dig that crazy paperback!"

We extend our library services to the unserved rural residents by lending books through the U.S. Postal Service.

We mail out a catalog of mysteries, westerns, romances, how-tos, nonfiction, etc. to the registered residents in our region. Anyone living in a town in the Central Kansas Library System area that does not have a library, or anyone in the same area living on a rural route, is entitled to register to receive the catalog and use these services. People who have received this catalog can order books. We mail the books and pay postage both ways.

If you would like to receive a catalog in the mail, please contact the Books-by-Mail Department.

To sign up, call us at 620-792-4865 and ask for Books by Mail.


You can also order books from these catalogs: Fall 2011 Winter 2011 Spring 2012 Summer #1 2012 Summer #2 2012 Fall 2012 Winter 2013 Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Summer Supplement 2013 Fall 2013


Books by Mail patrons receive a new bookmark each month, created by the Reader's Advisor. Bookmarks vary from author spotlights to lists of new books, or highlights of particular genres, and much more. Feel free to print these and give them to your patrons, or create your own! To view archived Books by Mail bookmarks, click on the links below:

Janet Tronstad

Fern Michaels

Clive Cussler


Author Read-a-Likes

Gail headGail Santy, Department Head
Ext: 107
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The CKLS Reference Service:

  • Answers reference requests received from rural patrons and member librarians.
  • Provides member librarians with appropriate lists of reference materials, incorporating procedures for cooperative collection development when applicable.
  • Trains member librarians to use reference materials and respond appropriately to user requests for information.

CKLS reference service provides information to member librarians in response to specific user requests. The reference consultant also provides continuing education, leadership and guidance in improving local library reference service. Librarians in member libraries are encouraged to provide reference service to their patrons.

Gail headGail Santy, Department Head
Ext: 107
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Outreach Services Department provides library services and materials to those underserved by traditional library means, including rural residents and homebound people.  We bring the library to people who experience barriers to library service. Our services reach out to all members of our community not served by a local library and to extend collections in local libraries.

Services for Member Libraries

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