2013 1st Quarter Meeting--February 19, 2013

Friendly Reminders

CD and DVD cleaning available at CKLS--Send your dirty and scratched discs to Missy in Techincal Services. Make sure your library's name is somewhere on the disc.

When placing holds, mark Next Available Copy, unless a specific copy is needed. If you mark a specific copy please put a short explanation in the notes field when placing the hold.

Check for updates on bugs and developments on Pathfinder Central Online Forum:

Please protect DVDs and CDs that you put on the courier! Wrap them with bubble wrap! Remember to treat the lending library's materials with as much respect as you want other to treat your materials.

Request for Mentor Sign-up 

With all the little tasks, plus changes in the Koha system, it is nice to have a designated helpline. With a Pathfinder Central mentor, a fellow Pathfinder librarian will be paired with you for support, commiseration, insider tricks and more.

Pathfinder Skills Survey

Resoure Sharing Timeline--a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for PILL and ILL.

Koha version 3.10 Update Webinar

Here's a link to a Koha 3.10 demo you can play with.
u: koha310
p: koha310

The above user has most permissions, but not all of them since you will all be playing on the same demo and I don't want things turned on/off and breaking.  We will not be refreshing this demo, so please be considerate of your fellow ByWater partners while they learn (no changing the log in info for your users please).

If you want to log in to the OPAC you can do that too:
u: demo
p: demo

Maribeth's Notes (PDF)

Official Koha v3.10 Release Notes 

Koha v3.10 Manual

Ideas from Pathfinder Central Trail Blazers Committee Members 

Mentors for librarians who need support and additional training (DONE)
Customizing a favorites list of Reports for easy navigation to the reports each library uses the most (In Development)
Making reports searchable by number (In Development)
Using a pre-printed card to note damages on items as the arrive at a borrowing library on PILL (Coming Soon)

Nominations for Committee Member

Jan Williams has completed her first term as a Trail Blazers Committee Member. She is eligable for a 2nd 3 year term.

Jan Williams at Russell is nominated for a 2nd term

To nominate, click here. Nominations end Friday, March 8, 2013.

New User Agreement Form

This is a new Pathfinder User Agreement form for all participating libraries to consult and sign. This new form presents aspects that each individual library is responsible for in keeping with the spirit of Pathfinder Central. Please have the library directory and library board chair sign this form and return to CKLS by Monday, April 1, 2013.

Pathfinder Remediation Steps

The Trail Blazers committee created a plan for remedial action to help libraries struggling with PILL get the training and support they need to be an efficient and active member on PILL lending and borrowing.

 Dates for Next meetings:

2nd Quarter Meeting: Session During Spring Forward May 14 or 15
3rd Quarter Meeting: Thursday, August 22, 2013 10 a.m.
4th Quarter Meeting: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 10 a.m.



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