Eight fundmental questions

  1. What's the problem we are addressing? Remember - the problem is not your need - it's the community's need!
  2. Who else is addressing, and what are the gaps in how it is being addressed? Gaps can be programmatic, population, time/seasonal, or material. Gaps are the reason that you have a need!
  3. How are we proposing to address the problem? Paint a clear and specific picture of your program! Can your prospect see it in action in their mind?
  4. How will things be different/will the problem be solved or improved, when you are done? How will you know that you are succeeding? What will you measure in order to understand how you are doing and what needs to change or be adjusted?
  5. What do you need in order to try to solve the problem? This must tie to the approach you have described above. It's an opportunity to once again paint a picture of what you will be doing!
  6. What resources do you already have? From whom? Don't forget volunteers, donations and in kind services. Show the community participation in your project. Project the image that the funder is joining a winning team, not boarding a sinking boat!
  7. What are the qualifications and experience that make your program the right one to take on this work? History, key accomplishments, qualifications of staff and volunteers, relationships in the community....as they relate to this project.
  8. Are there problems or barriers that you can foresee? How will you overcome them? We all run into roadblocks when we try something new. Think through what you are going to do carefully. What's likely to trip you up? How can you anticipate these problems? Who will you turn to for help? Recognizing the possibility of problems is the sign of a sophisticated and professional program!

- From http://www.seanet.com/~sylvie/grants.htm

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