FAQ: Frequently asked questions

  • Are the competitive grants related to the regular system grants?

    No. The competitive grants are completely separate monies from the basic and incentive grants CKLS members have been receiving for many years. Even the $1,000 Continuing Education grant all CKLS members will be receiving at the beginning of each year is not related to the $1,000 Continuing Education competitive grant. Receiving competitive grants will have no effect on receiving CKLS' basic and incentive grants.
  • Can libraries write more than one grant?

    Yes and no. The yes is that libraries can write as many grants as they want. The no is that the grant evaluating committee will be instructed to choose one of the grants. Submitting two applications increases your chance that one application will be funded. This worked for J. H. Robbins Memorial Library in 2010.
  • Can the local match be an in-kind match or must it be money?

    The local match must be library or town money. Non-monetary matches are not acceptable.
  • Can the $200 special projects grant be used with the competitive grant?

    The $200 special projects grant can be used to pay expenditure above or beyond the grant and local match monies. If, for example, a facilities renovation project cost $5,000, the expenditures budget might look like.

    Grant amount: $3,500
    Required local match: $350 (This is the 10% match for a gateway library.)
    Special project grant: $200
    Additional local money: $950
    Total project cost: $5,000
  • Can grant applications be emailed?

    Yes. In the signature line, just type the person's name. Email application to Chris Rippel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Must unspent grant money be returned?

    Yes. Your grant report due by March 1st of the following year will include receipts for the grant money spent. Money not accounted for by receipts must be returned.
  • Who will be evaluating the grants and decided which grants receive money?

    Five people will be on the grant committee:

    • Two CKLS staff members
    • Two CKLS executive committee members
    • Two CKLS member librarians
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