Competitive Grants

Grant Applications (Word documents, which can be filled out and emailed to Chris Rippel)

2016 Materials Competitive Grant DEADLINE October 1, 2016

Materials Competitive Grant Application

Competitive Grant Cycle for upcoming years
2016 – Materials
2017 – Facilities
2018 – Equipment
2019 – Materials
2020 – Facilities

Continuing Education Competitive Grants
Continuing Education Competitive Grants (Max. $1,000) (available until funds run out each year)

Programming Competitive Grant

Programming Competitive Grant (Max. $250) (available until funds run out each year)

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Calculating Grant Amount for Local Match
Criteria for Evaluating Applications (this is a copy of the document given to the evaluation team members)
Competitive Grant Report form
CKLS Competitive Grant Frequently Asked Questions

System Grants

The Central Kansas Library System is pleased to provide System grants to all member libraries in 2016.

The System Grant Questionnaire, Form #1 and Form #2 must be received or submitted electronically no later than February 12, 2016.

  • The Questionnaire, Form #1 and Form #2 are available as separate online forms. You will receive your responses to these forms as pdf documents in the email after submissions. This year the online forms are linked. You have the option to complete and submit each form and come back at a later time to complete the other forms, OR after submitting a form you may click continue and will be directed to the next form. You will receive a separate email response for each form.
  • The Questionnaire may be submitted by paper, but we strongly prefer that you do it online (which proves to be much easier for you and CKLS to handle.) Please call and tell us if you have to use the paper forms.
  • You have two options for submitting the 2016 budget. You may mail a paper copy to CKLS OR you may email an electronic copy.
  • If you need assistance, please call a consultant. We are always happy to give you step-by-step instructions.

System Grant letter From CKLS Director, Harry Willems

Sample Documents and Forms

2016 Potential System Grant (Use this to estimate your potential 2016 grant for budget purposes)

Sample Form #1 Expenditure of 2015 System Grant Funds and Planned Expenditure of 2015 System Grant Funds

Sample Form #2 Certification of Eligibility

DRAFT System Grant Questionnaire to print and use as a worksheet to help you gather information for your responses.

Online Forms

Form #1 Expenditure of 2015 System Grant Funds and Planned Expenditure of 2016 System Grant Funds

Form #2 Certification of Eligibility

System Grant Questionnaire online

Paper Forms

Form 1 Expenditure of 2015 System Grant Funds paper form

Form 2 Certification of Eligibility paper form

System Grant Questionnaire paper form