CKLS System Grant Questionnaire

The Central Kansas Library System is pleased to provide System grants to all member libraries in 2014. The System Grant Questionnaire must be returned or submitted by January 17, 2014.   This Questionnaire is available as an online form. You can print your questionnaire responses from a pdf document which will be emailed to you after submission. The paper copy this year is for your gathering notes and figures to do the online form. It may be submitted by paper, but we strongly prefer that you do it online. You have two options for submitting the 2013 budget. You may mail a paper copy to Chris Rippel at CKLS OR you may email an electronic copy to Chris Rippel. Please call for assistance, we are happy to give you step by step instructions.

In 2012, the incentive system grants required submitting a disaster plan to CKLS. Those submitting a disaster plan in 2012 received a $100 incentive grant in 2013 and will receive $100 in 2014. Those who did not submit a disaster plan in 2012 did not receive $100 in 2013, but can receive $100 in 2014 by submitting a disaster plan by the end of 2013. CKLS’ Disaster Recovery website contains numerous examples from CKLS members that librarians can modify for their own disaster plan. You have time.

You also have time to complete a special project for this $200 incentive grant. For ideas of how other librarians used their special projects grant, go to the  CKLS Post, March-April 2013, pages 6 and 7. 


Click here for a sample copy of the online System Grant Questionnaire. You may print this document to help you gather information for your responses.


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