See you at the conference!!!

The annual conference of the Kansas Library Association is coming April 6 through 8, 2011. I want to remind you that CKLS' $1,000 Continuing Education grant can be used to pay for KLA membership, mileage to the conference, conference registration, meals, and accomodations. The CE grant will also pay the librarian's salary up to 8 hours a day during
  • travel to and from the conference, and
  • sessions at a time when the library is closed
  • lunches eaten with other librarians and talking about libraries.
Here is a summary of conference events plus, at the bottom of the page, links to the official Web site and registration.

Monday Mornings

One knows when they have found their life's work; when Monday mornings dawn with no regrets.  After 20 years of library work, from school  librarian to System director, Mondays are are a break from the weekend; maybe, however, depending on the weekend.  Dreading Monday's is a sign that you may not be in your most productive place. 
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