Youth Services offers a collection of resources for developing good quality children's library programming. These resources are only available to CKLS member libraries.

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Librarian's Project Resources

Educational resources printed in book and periodical format.

  • Bulletin Boards/Displays
  • Classroom Parties
  • Crafts
  • Early Childhood Activities
  • Fingerplays/Songs/Poems
  • Folk Tales/Fairy Tales
  • Nursery Rhymes/Mother Goose/Poems
  • Stories
  • Games/Puzzles/Magic
  • Patterns
  • Puppets/Plays/Skits
  • Seasonal
  • Holiday
  • Special Topics

Storytelling Materials

Resources to dramatize stories for storytime and after school programs.

  • Object Stories
  • Flannelboard Stories/Shapes
  • Flannelboard Supplemental Materials
  • Flip Cards
  • Roll Stories
  • Plays
  • Storytelling Costumes/Props
  • Oversized Books

Puppet Resources

A collection of hand puppets, finger puppets, full size puppets, stuffed toys, and face masks on sticks.

  • Hand Puppet, Plush
  • Hand Puppets, Felt/Fabric
  • Hand Puppet, Sesame Street
  • Stuffed Puppet
  • Stuffed Toy
  • Show Me/Tell Me Dolls
  • Finger Puppet
  • Hand Puppet, Large Plush
  • Fairy/Folk Tale Sets
  • Holiday/Seasonal Sets
  • People/Family
  • Felt/Mask/Paper/Stick
  • Summer Library Program Sets

Video/DVD Resources

These resources have public performance rights, unless noted.

Early Childhood: Counting, learning the alphabet and understanding words and their definitions are among important concepts explored in these stories.

Fairytales/Folktales/Heroes/Legends: Fairytales and folktales have been told for generations and retain their relevance today with humorous and astute insights into human nature.

Holidays: These dvds about holidays will enhance children's enjoyment and understanding of special times of the year.

Seasons: These dvds about seasons will enhance children's enjoyment and understanding of special times of the year. In several the seasonal setting is influential in shaping the story's theme.

Storytime: Storytime dvds are stories that will entertain and delight children, as well as adults. Many of these are old favorites.

Theme Libraries: Theme Libraries are a series of dvds on these specific topics.

  • Animals
  • The Arts
  • Circus
  • Death/Separation
  • Dinosaurs
  • Environment/Ecology
  • Health/Safety
  • Intergenerational
  • Multicultural
  • Recycling
  • Social Issues
  • Space/Flight
  • The Wizard of Oz

DVD Collections

These collections have public performance rights, unless noted. 

  • Author/Illustrator
  • Fairytales/Folktales/Heroes/Legends
  • Holiday
  • Season
  • Storytime

Miscellaneous Resources

Includes display materials, games and craft supplies.

  • Bulletin Boards/Posters
  • Creative Corners for Bulletin Boards
  • Display Materials/Mobiles
  • Games
  • Supplies

Special Collections

A collection of specialized storybooks that can be used for library programming.

  • American Folk Tales
  • Arts
  • Birthday
  • Death and Dying
  • Dinosaurs
  • Fables/Fairytales/Folklore/Legends
  • Fables/Fairytales/Folklore/Legends Collection
  • Family
  • History/Travel
  • Mother Goose/Nursery Rhymes
  • Native American
  • Ocean/Sea
  • Poetry
  • Seasonal/Holiday
  • Storytime

The Story Time Program could be a child's first introduction to books and sharing of stories in a group experience. These visits to the library may be a child's and their parents only experiences in using public library services. Story time needs to be a special occasion that children can look forward to each week.

When planning the program you will need to select the best in children's literature and to select material appropriate for a specific age group. The Youth Services Department has several resources available to make your story time imaginative and enjoyable. The resources available for loan will help you cut purchasing expenses and save time in creating your own storytelling materials.





bonnet head pattyPatty Collins, Consultant
Ext. 134
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DianeDiane Bott, Assistant
Ext. 135
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CKLS Youth Services department assists librarians in meeting the information and recreation reading needs of children children_reading2and young adults by encouraging the librarians to create meaningful programs for children. Through materials provided by CKLS, local librarians can encourage children to read and enjoy books.

The Youth Services Department:

Provides printed materials for an annual Summer Library Program for all ages (preschool through sixth grade) at no cost to the local library.
Offers on-site consulting for librarians and encourage children and young adult services in member libraries.
Assesses and evaluates collections, and coordinates collection development.
Coordinates Summer Library programs and special events.
Develops continuing education activities for librarians and children's program volunteers.
Supplies project resource books for planning story time programs.
Maintains and offers a central collection of specialized resources such as puppets, dvds and other story aids for loan for use in member libraries.
Offers examination copies of children's and young adult books for preview before purchase.


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