Please use the online Youth Services Materials Request form to place your requests. You must submit a request using the form for each item requested.

This procedure requires each library to submit the online request form for youth services materials. Please submit your request forms 3-4 weeks before your request date.

Keep in mind that the first library to request materials for a specific date will be first on the list to receive them--especially important regarding popular themes and holidays.   Please plan to select your materials and get your orders in early.   We will mail out your materials two weeks before your request date which will give you sufficient time for you to look them over before your program.

After you submit your request you will receive a confirmation email from the Youth Services Department and an automatically generated email as receipt of your request submission.

Your request will be processed within five business days. If something is not available for your requested date you will have sufficient notice to select other materials to substitute.

You need the CKLS Pathfinder Central barcode for each item you request using the online Youth Services Material Request form. To find the barcode, search Pathfinder Central using the following tutorial.

Select your storytime theme and go to Login using the username and password instructions you received from the Youth Services Department. (Example: Your town name with ys at the end: no capitals, no space, i.e. greatbendys)

Click here for a print-friendly tutorial in pdf format.

Search for Youth Services Materials






The 2016 Summer Library Program Printed Materials Order Form is for librarians to order "free" materials provided by the State Library of Kansas, funded in part through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Central Kansas Library System.

Please complete and submit your order no later than Friday, October 30, 2015. Because of the shipping timeframe from Upstart, the Kansas State Library order is placed early enough so the materials arrive in spring of 2015.

Please order ONLY the number of materials you anticipate needing to run your program.

If you have any trouble submitting your Summer Library Program Order Form, please contact Patty Collins or Gail Santy.

Summer Library Program Order Form Sample (pdf) This 3-page sample contains all the questions you will be asked on the Order Form. You may print out this page to assist you in completing and submitting the Online Evaluation Form. Please note that for each item on the Order Form the Upstart catalog page and item number is listed.

Summer Library Program Order Form You are not able to save and come back to the form or to print it out after you have submitted- it must be completed and submitted in one sitting. After you complete and submit the Order Form you will receive an email with a pdf attachment with all the information you entered in the Order Form. You may print this pdf attachment for your paper records. You will also receive a personalized email confirming your entries.

Please note that you need to round up to the next whole number. For example, if you desire 9, enter 10, or if you desire 12, enter 20.   If you desire to order none of an item, please enter "0" (note this is a zero and not the letter o).

If you are not planning to participate in the 2016 Summer Library Program, please click here to submit your non-participation form.

Non-participation in the 2016 Summer Library Program means you will not receive the $200 CKLS Summer Library Program Incentive Grant.  (See the CKLS 2016 System Plan.)

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