Enjoy LYRASIS Savings & Benefits Through the State Library of Kansas

2016-2017 Discount and Group Purchasing:

All Libraries in Kansas are members of LYRASIS, through a membership purchased by the State Library of Kansas. All CKLS libraries are entitled to the discounts with the companies listed below. If you have questions regarding specific discounts or terms, contact Lyrasis Member Support Specialist, at (800) 999-8558, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

LYRASIS Vendor Discount Offers: 

Bibliotheca (Formerly 3M) – RFID tags, Tattle-tape security strips – 10-30% off list. Members should request a quote for product items by logging into MyLYRASIS and submitting a Quote Request.  Orders should be placed with the LYRASIS Member Support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Computype  - Code: LYRASIS Bar code labels, spine labels, patron cards, printing systems – 15% off list.  Members should setup an account & place orders direct at  http://www.computype.com or by phone (800) 328-0852

DEMCO Code: C04100 Library Supplies, equipment & furniture – Member must provide the appropriate discount code at the point of order with DEMCO.  All questions and requests about eligible products and/or summary purchase details should be directed to DEMCO Customer Service: (Phone 800-356-1200 Fax 800-245-1329)

20% discount on library, office, and technology supplies
10% discount on furniture and equipment
10% discount on learning materials
Alaska and Hawaii C04101 – no free shipping
Free shipping on stock items (not applicable for special orders)
No shipping discount on drop ship items (member needs to confirm item type at point of order)
Minimum of $100 order
Large quantity and high dollar orders should be processed via the DEMCO Bid Team to secure the best price: 800.462.8709


Hollinger Metal Edge  - Code: LYRASIS  Specializes in acid free folders, boxes and envelopes, which come in both standard and custom sizes, a wide range of archival, conservation and preservation supplies. Members will receive a 20% discount on all archival supplies, and a 15% discount on all equipment and furniture. Order should be placed directly Hollinger Metal Edge at  http://hollingermetaledge.com or by phone at 800-634-0491

Gaylord Archival Code: LYRASIS   Archival Supplies, equipment & furniture – 20% off list for archival supplies, 10% off list for furniture & 50% off freight shipping for supply orders (Phone: 1.800.962.9580 Fax: 1.800.272.3412)

Brodart - Code: LYRSIS  Library Supplies, archival supplies, library furniture – http://www.shopbrodart.com or by phone at  (Phone: 888-820-4377)

LYRASIS does not track, or provide, summary purchase detail.  This information must be secured by the member library from Brodart.  In order to receive the benefits listed below, the member library must provide the appropriate discount code at the point of order with Brodart.  All questions about eligible products should be directed to Brodart Customer Service:

20% discount on supplies
15% discount on furniture and equipment
25% discount on book jacket covers
Free shipping on library orders of consumable stocked supplies over $100.00

The Library Store – Code: LYRASIS Book pockets, book jackets, book lock tape, laminating film, furniture & equipment – 20% discount off list for supplies & 10% off list for equipment & furniture.  To submit an order members should create an account at https://www.thelibrarystore.com/member_login or by phone 800.548.7204

Vernon Library Supplies – Code: LYRASISPLUS for an additional 5% discount on select best sellers.  Security Strips, Label Shields, Reddi-Covers – 20% off list for supplies, 10% off list for furniture & equipment.  Members should create an account on their website: www.VernonLibrarySupplies.com or by phone at  (800.878.0253 Fax 800.466.1165)

Current Supplies (2016)
Book Pockets
$2.00 per 100; $10.00 per box of 500
Date Due Slips
$2.00 per 100
 $10.00 per 500
Check-out cards
Ruled: $2.50 per 100; $25.00 per 1000
Book jacket covers
#8: $16.00 per 100
#9: $18.00 per 100
#10: $20.00 per 100
#12: $24.00 per 100
#14: $30.00 per 100
#16: $38.00 per 100
Paperback plastic laminate x 420"
8 in: $30.00 per roll
9 in: $44.00 per roll
10 in: $35.00 per roll
12 in: $40.00 per roll
14 in: $42.00 per roll
18 in: $46.00 per roll
Book tape (clear)
2 in x 15 yds.: $7.00 per roll
3 in x 15 yds.: $10.00 per roll

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