The Kansas Library Association Conference April 6-8, 2011, Capitol Plaza Hotel, Topeka

"Register now for the state's premier opportunity for librarians to gather, learn, and network. Return to your library recharged and energized. This year's schedule features an exciting blend of nationally known keynote speakers and local librarians. Kansas librarians have a history of working together to make libraries relevant and sustainable. Let's continue that strong tradition this year in Topeka. We're better together!"

Highlights of this year's conference include:
  • Opening Keynote: Jamie Larue, Douglas County Libraries
  • Closing Keynote: Tom Averill, Washburn University and Kansas Author
  • An Evening with Nancy Pickard
  • Virtual Sessions
  • State Librarian's Lunch
  • Friends and Trustees Day
  • Special One Day rate!!!
  • Library Tours
  • Dine Arounds
  • Trivia Night!

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What can the CKLS CE grant buy?

  • Travel to and from events including mileage at the IRS rate
  • Parking while attending events
  • Registration for library-related events
  • All fees related to library-related college classes
  • All fees related to library-related workshops including commerical, e.g., Fred Pryor
  • Meals
  • Overnight rooms
  • Salaries for librarian and staff during workshop time when they are not scheduled to be working.
  • Salaries for non-volunteer replacement doing the librarian's or staff job while the regular librarian or staff member is attending a CE event.
  • Memberships in state, regional or national organizations, e.g., KLA, KLTA, MPLA, ALA, etc.

What can the CE grant not buy?

  • Salaries of volunteers. Volunteers work free.

Annual CE Report

To download this report as a Word document, look in the upper left corner of the page, under the words Google Doc,
click File -> Download Original.

If this does not pop it up in Word, look in your downloads folder or search your computer for Report.doc

Example CE grant calculation for attending the Summer Library Program

In this example, the librarian is bringing the person who helps with the Summer Library Program.

Travel time from Library Town to Salina according to Mapquest = 1.5 hours
Workshop time is from 9 am to 3 pm = 6 hours
Travel time from Salina to Library Town according to Mapquest = 1.5 hours
Total travel and workshop time = 9 hours
(We do not care whether the mileage estimates come from a Web site or your odometer.)

The day of the workshop library is open from 1 to 5 = 4 hours
Library pays:

  • Librarian's salary for the four hours the library is open even though the librarian is at the workshop.

The CE grant pays:

  • Librarian's salary for 5 hours when the library is not open (9 hours - 4 hours the library was open = 5 hours)
  • If the other person attending the workshop is not a volunteer, then that person gets paid for 9 hours.
  • If the person running the library from 1-5 pm is also not a volunteer, then the grant pays the salary of that person for those 4 hours.
  • Round trip mileage for one car between Your Town and Salina (195 miles) at IRS rate ($.51) = $99.45
  • Lunch for two people = $12
  • Kansas library laws brings together Kansas library laws and Attorney General's opinions in one resource.
  • CKLS CE projects is the website for CKLS previous continuing education program. This website remains of value in providing online resources for work librarians still need to do.
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