-by Kathy Rippel

Some of you may already have Floating Playaways that were purchased by the State Library of Kansas in your collection.

Others may receive them on loan in the future.

This is a brief guide to how we are handling these within Pathfinder Central. Remember that it is all a “work in progress” and Regional Systems and the State Library are looking for the best practices...

  • All floating playaways can be identified by the call number. The spine will say something like “FPC0109”.
  • For PILL requests... if you receive a floating playaway on PILL, check out to your patron, as usual. When it is checked in from the patron, return it to the lending library, just as we do all other PILL requests.
  • HOWEVER, if you receive a floating playaway as the result of a KICNET request (AGent, KLC), the Kansas Library Card will automatically show that you know “own” that playaway.
  • You can go ahead and make a record, as usual (or attach holdings), so that you can check it out to your patron. Check Pathfinder first, to make sure there is not already a record for it! Use the call number shown on the container.
  • If you get a PILL request for something “living” in your library... send out like a usual PILL request. Enclose a mint green note with the playaway (we will provide these, by request. It will tell the borrowing library to return the playaway to YOUR library)
  • If you receive a KICNET request for something “living” in your library, send out to the borrowing library, with a hot pink note. (we will also provide these, by request.  The note tells the receiving library to keep it...). DO NOT check it out in Pathfinder! Instead, mark it as “missing, not on shelf”. Do not expect it back. AGent will automatically change the KLC record to show that the new library “owns” it.

This may seem somewhat confusing, but Holly and Kathy believe it is working fine. Please call the ILL office with questions.

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