Patron Accounts:
Creating Family Accounts (click for full screen) 
Video walks staff through setting up 1 account for an entire family.


Guarantor Accounts  (click for full screen)
Video walks staff through connecting personal accounts of family members to the Parent's account,
so Parents can see what items their children have checked out.

How to Find Reports (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to search for reports, featuring PILL reports as the example. (No Audio)

How to print a patron slip (click for full screen)
How to print a patron receipt for items checked out.

Koha Calendar Setup (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to update the Koha calendar for days when the library is closed.

Koha Calendar Repeating Holidays (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to create repeating holidays, or regularly scheduled days the library is closed.

Koha Offline Circ Tool (click for full screen)
Walks staff through the Offline Circulation Tool should the library's Internet go down.
Walks staff through the best practice to log into Koha Staff Client (





Did you know that Logging into the Staff side of Pathfinder Central should take only 2 steps?

1) Put in your Username.

2) Put in your Password and hit enter.

You do not need to select "My Library" from the drop down menu. You will be automatically set as your default home library!

Why is this important?

Many people have been accidentally selecting the wrong library. So all of their transactions are being credited to the wrong library and all the books they check in are set to the wrong current location.

What if I'm set as the wrong library?

  • Stay logged in.
  • Go to the top right corner of the Koha Staff Client window.
  • See the name of the library your are set as: Central Kansas Library System. Click (Set library).
  • Select your library from the drop down menu that appears. 
  • Click Set.
  • Double Check you are set as the correct library by checking the top right corner of the window.

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