Monday July 9, 2012

Hays Public Library Gallery


Fixes in the Works: 

3.10 Release—allow items to be transferred back home when “IndependentBranches” and “canreservefromotherbranches” are both enabled. (As we had with LibLime—We will share materials, not patrons) 

3.8 Release—add the Holds Notes on the Holds Queue display 

3.8 Release—Patron Credit Errors 

—that manual credits do not update the outstanding amount
—use the Pay tab and never use the manual credit tab again 


—Overdue Report display error—cannot click on link to patron record

Long Overdue (Lost) Status

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Click ^ (computer icon on bar) for FULL Screen

Generic Password for Patron Accounts—The System does not automatically assign a default password. 

—You will see **** in the display for the password—this only indicates that the password is encrypted…there is NO PASSWORD automatically generated.
—MANUAL FIX—When creating a patron account, input a generic password for the account. Have the patron change the password once they log in.
—Password suggestion: library OR read OR books 

Helpful Reports 

#1352 *Patrons—Complete List

Koha 3.8.1 Update Notes

Local Availability Decision







Welcome to Lucas Public Library and Palco Public Library, who are joing Pathfinder Central this year with the help of the LSTA grant!

Koha Committee

Official Koha Committee Description

PILL Replacement Fund

Definition of PILL Replacement Fund 


PILL Replacement Guidelines

Koha State Statute on Overdues

Helpful Reports

Patrons: #1277 *2011 Patron Count for Annual Report
Materials Added: #899 *2011 Total Added in 2011 (by item type)

See also the same report ordered by collection or by shelving location.

Total Holdings: #1219 *2011 Total Holdings for annual report (by item type)

See also the same report ordered by collection or by shelving location.

ILL Circulation Counts
Borrowing: #1242 *PILL Counts of Holds by Month
Lending: #897 *PILL Lending for Previous Year

Handy Reports:
SuperWeeder: #1358  *SuperWeeder Call Number
Collection Cleanup *Collection Clean-up
Deleted Item: Find Deleted Record Timestamp       
Unfilled Holds: #707 *Unfilled Holds for Library
Patron Categories:  #1199 *Patrons in a Category (linked)

Pill Procedures Review

 Coming Soon!

Impending Improvements

Koha Impending Improvements

Koha 3.6 Change in Marking Lost Items 


Handy CKLS Tips


Koha Issues and Troubleshooting

 When an item that is checked out is marked lost, the patron it is checked out to is automatically charged a replacement fee. If the item is found and checked back in, then the patron's account is automatically credited the replacement fee.

I have turned Circulation Sounds. This will cause a chime during circulation to help catch when an item isn't scanned in correctly. Should we decide we don't like it, I can turn it off again.







Patron Accounts:
Creating Family Accounts (click for full screen) 
Video walks staff through setting up 1 account for an entire family.


Guarantor Accounts  (click for full screen)
Video walks staff through connecting personal accounts of family members to the Parent's account,
so Parents can see what items their children have checked out.

How to Find Reports (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to search for reports, featuring PILL reports as the example. (No Audio)

How to print a patron slip (click for full screen)
How to print a patron receipt for items checked out.

Koha Calendar Setup (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to update the Koha calendar for days when the library is closed.

Koha Calendar Repeating Holidays (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to create repeating holidays, or regularly scheduled days the library is closed.

Koha Offline Circ Tool (click for full screen)
Walks staff through the Offline Circulation Tool should the library's Internet go down.
Walks staff through the best practice to log into Koha Staff Client (





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