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Procedure for SLP Print Materials Order Form

Procedure for Home Page Article linking to Workshop Flyer

Procedure for Workshop Flyer




New User Agreement Form


Definition of PILL Replacement Fund http://www.ckls.org/attachments/article/279/PILL%20replacement%20fund--Final.pdf

Materials Replacement Fund Guidelines Statewide http://www.ckls.org/attachments/article/279/Materials%20Replacement%20Fund%20Guidelines.pdf

State Statute on Overdues http://www.ckls.org/attachments/article/279/State%20Statute%20on%20Overdue%20Materials.pdf

Rotating Book Procedures http://www.ckls.org/pathfindercentral/177-pathfinder-central/341-pathfinder-central-rotating-book-procedures

Patron Confidentiality Statement

Migration Checklist

Migration Timeline


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