What it is: A procedural and policy creating committee to resolve issues that arise from 40 libraries sharing 685,538 items.

What will it do? The committee will meet when an issue arises, or is presented to the committee. They will discuss the issue and possible solutions. The committee will draft a policy (or procedure) to prevent or fix the issue. The committee will vote on the policy to enact it into the system. All policies will be posted on the CKLS website and presented to the Pathfinder Central Libraries.

What policies and procedures will it create? The committee will create policies and procedures to resolve issues that arise during PILL services.

Will a library retain its preferences and autonomy? A library will keep control of their records, items, and patrons. The committee is set to resolve issues for how to handle shared resources procedures, etc.

How will the committee get policies approved? The committee will write and vote on the rules, policies and procedures. There will be an appeal process available.

Who will serve on the committee? The committee will consist of 7 voting members: 5 volunteer librarians who are voted in each year by the 40 Pathfinder Central Libraries; the Pathfinder Central Manager and the ILL Manager from CKLS. Committee members will be from Pathfinder Central libraries all over the system. There will be no attempt to ensure that all sized libraries are represented. Any library can have no more than one staff member on the committee.

How long will they serve? Committee members will serve staggered 3 year terms. Each volunteer member must be voted in by members, one vote per library, of the 40 Pathfinder Central libraries for each term they serve. Volunteer members can serve only two consecutive terms, then they must be off the committee for at least one year before being eligible to serve more terms. The Pathfinder Central manager will keep track of each member's terms.

How often will the committee meet? The Committee will meet only when there is an issue to discuss and resolve.

Trail Blazer Committee members

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