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Central Kansas Library System Handbook for School Libraries
Goals of the Central Kansas Library System for 2013-2016

Goal 1
Provide digital content with training and marketing for librarians and library patrons

Goal 2
Help member libraries improve the physical space of the library

Goal 3
Encourage and support effective programming for each library community

Goal 4
Improve CKLS service

Program of Services of the Central Kansas Library System
The services of the Central Kansas Library System fall into two groups—direct services to rural residents and disabled persons, and services to local public and school libraries and librarians.  


Talking Books for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.  CKLS provides significant funding for a Talking Books Outreach Service Center. The Outreach Service Center operates under the Kansas Regional Talking Book Library located in Emporia which is a division of the State Library of Kansas.   The CKLS Talking Books Outreach Consultant promotes Talking Books to those with a visual impairment or those who cannot handle printed materials because of a physical disability. The Outreach Service Center loans large print books to visually impaired individuals and to system libraries. The Center also loans activity resources to organizations for programming. The low vision center lends adaptive equipment to individuals with visual impairments to try out before purchasing.

Books-by-Mail.  Anyone who lives in the rural area of a taxing county may borrow books through Books-by-Mail.  CKLS pays the postage both ways.  CKLS publishes a catalog once a year to make it easier for patrons to order materials.

Community Book Deposits.  CKLS calls these book deposits Outlets.  Rotating Books are placed in communities that are too small to support a legally established library.  Outlets bring library services closer to rural residents and provide a service point for other CKLS services.

Phone-from-Home Service. Rural residents, or those living in towns without a library, call CKLS and request any book or other media they can identify.  CKLS mails requested materials directly to the patron, and pays the postage both ways.


General Consulting.  Consultants travel to member libraries regularly to visit with the librarians and/or trustees to answer questions and help with local planning, weeding, library evaluations, and other help as requested.

Automation Consulting.  When librarians need help with their computer they may call CKLS’s Automation Specialist. We answer the problem over the telephone or in person, when needed.

Pathfinder Interlibrary Loan (PILL)
Through the consortia online catalog system Pathfinder Central, member libraries easily share their materials among 40 CKLS libraries, with over 650,000 items. For items not available on PILL, items can be requested through statewide Interlibrary Loan.

The system will pay for all but $150 of the courier fee (3 day per week), $300 (for 5 day libraries) for system public libraries who consistently lend and borrow materials on PILL or state wide interlibrary loan (KICnet). School libraries can arrange with the local public library to be an indirect courier.

Youth Services. CKLS maintains an extensive collection of programming materials to lend to system libraries.  Children’s librarians rely on CKLS Services for Children and Youth for the resources they need for Summer Library Programs and Story Time programs. CKLS also maintains a collection of preview books librarians can review before purchasing books for their collections.

Continuing Education.  CKLS provides ongoing continuing education grants to school librarians and paras.  More information is at

Public Information.  CKLS uses its bi-monthly newsletter, The POST, to inform librarians and trustees of current library issues.  CKLS does printing jobs, binding, and laminating for member libraries for a nominal fee.

Reference.  Librarians and patrons call CKLS Reference Services when they need help finding answers.  The reference consultant also provides leadership and guidance in improving local library reference service.

Interlibrary Loan.  System interlibrary loan services facilitate the borrowing and lending of library materials from one Kansas library to another in response to a specific patron request.  CKLS will also request materials from libraries in other states. School libraries can apply to be indirect couriers where ILL materials ordered would be delivered to and picked up from the public library.

**Rotating Collections.  Librarians select from the Rotating Collection to supplement their local library collection.  The driver visits each library six times a year.  Materials from the Rotating Collection are transferred or checked out to the local library using Pathfinder Central, making it possible to locate each item in the collection. **Currently not available to school libraries.

Technical Services.  Librarians from CKLS who order their materials through Technical Services receive their books and other materials in about two weeks from CKLS. Technical Services includes the ordering, cataloging, and processing of library materials and providing catalog cards or electronic bibliographic records.  CKLS also enters library holdings onto the Kansas Library Catalog (KLC) or onto the regional catalog, Pathfinder Central.  Materials are ready to place on the shelf when the library receives them.  Librarians may purchase selected book processing supplies through Technical Services. [An additional service is free cleaning and repairing of CDs and DVDs, including Blu-ray.]

Competitive grants
In 2016 CKLS will offer $30,000 of competitive grants for equipment to all libraries in CKLS.  Applications for competitive grants are accepted in October 2015 from any CKLS library.  A grant committee composed of member librarians, trustees, executive board and CKLS staff will select winning grants in October 2014.  The money is distributed in December 2015.  An evaluation / report on expenditure is due the following December 2016.  

Librarians can apply for as many grants as wanted each year.  A successful grant will make successive grants in the same year less competitive.

Libraries must match CKLS’ competitive grant.  Matching funds can come from local tax money, their CKLS system grant or money raised for that purpose.  Grant matches are the percentage (shown below) of the total amount requested.  A $1000 grant requested would require a $100-$500 match depending on the ranking of your library.  

Major Service Centers I & II and school districts            50%
Service Centers II                40%
Service Centers I                30%
Linking Libraries                20%
Gateway Libraries                10%

Grant category
Purpose of grant
Maximum grant
Equipment including but not limited to microfilm readers, computers, laptops, scanners, back-up power supplies, digital cameras, video cameras, gaming equipment, lawn mowers, snow blowers etc.  Do not include Internet connection, communication bills or supplies.

Other competitive grants include:
•    Conference grant: Each year CKLS will pay four CKLS member librarians, staff, or trustees all expenses to attend one of the following conferences: ALA, PLA, MPLA, ARSL, or KLA. Allowed expenses include conference registration, travel, room, conference breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for meeting with other librarians, talking about libraries, and viewing library-related presentations. Not allowed expenses include entertainment, gifts, alcohol, and sight-seeing. Preference will be given to libraries who have not attended previous conferences.
•    $1,000 Continuing Education.  Total pot $19,200.

•    $250 Programming grant to support programs in the library.  Total pot $2,500

For more information about these three grants, please see

Computer Replacement (or other enhancement)
To be determined

Contracting Libraries
Since the CKLS Board has determined that the System tax is a public library tax, only public libraries in taxing counties receive CKLS system grants and services without charge.  Contracting counties, school libraries, academic libraries, and institutional libraries are encouraged to join CKLS and participate in various services by contract.  Services and fees are listed below.
    Access to CKLS professional collection
    No cost.

    Attendance at CKLS workshops
    No cost.

    Consulting Services
    No cost

    Interlibrary Loan Service
    No cost provided the library enters its own materials on the KLC and requests materials from other libraries directly.  If these conditions are not met, the cost for service will be $3.00 per student enrolled in grades 7-12.

    Processing and Ordering of New Titles
    Cost:  20 percent of the book budget or $3.00 per title, whichever is less.

    Rotating Books Service
    Cost:  $ .50 per book. (Minimum contract--$200)

    Subscription to the bi-monthly CKLS Newsletter, the POST
    No cost.

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